The West Philadelphia High School Alumni Association stimulates, nurtures and supports the students and their educational experience by tapping and leveraging the resources of a vast, diverse network, collaborating with like-oriented community partners, and ensuring accountability from the school district and administrators.

In February 2007, a student assaulted a teacher; the Principal, loved by students, was reassigned; students rebelled and acted out; fires were set, sometimes more than one in a day; and the media descended on the school, like vultures to dead meat. The majority of good, hard working students were being stereotyped as trouble-makers and not worthy of a decent education.

When a small group of us came together six weeks later, it was a wake up call; we could not remain on the sidelines. We knew that individually, our impact would be minimal, but a strong Alumni Association could be a legitimate voice, and force, and support for the students at WPHS who deserve a meaningful education. We set out to revitalize the Association that was originally chartered in 1952.

We developed by-laws, updated our filing with the PA Department of State, held elections for officers and board, building the infrastructure for a vital, dynamic organization. At the same time, we immediately set out to bring alumni back to the school, hosting career day events; we opened an office in the school, staffed 3-days a week during the school year; we facilitated a peer-mediation training over two consecutive Saturdays; we sponsored a full-day site-visit to the regional electric transmission facility.

We initiated an Annual WestFest in 2008 in Fairmount Park, to further spread the word about of re-emergence. WestFest has grown exponentially and August 2011, at the 4th WestFest, numbered approximately 1,000 alumni and friends on North Georges Hill!

Our Annual Book Award Scholarship fundraiser, our continued support of student academics as well as student athletes throughout the school year.

It is fitting that we unveil our new website in this Centennial Year—–activities and new initiatives abounding—–and we invite all alumni to come and continue this path with us!

​WPHSAA Board of Directors

Co-Chairperson – Lou Davis
Co-Chairperson – Wade Gordon
Officer – Alonzo Bowser
Officer – Dr. Cheryl Lewis
Officer – Michelle Mack
Officer – Joseph Milligan
Officer – James Mitchell